Three Weeks with Kindle (a.k.a. Instapaper Reader)


I’ve owned the Kindle for about three weeks now. It’s still primarily an Instapaper reader for me. Mainly because I’m hesitant to buy a digital version of a book that I can’t share with others, especially when I can get a used, hard copy for cheaper than the Kindle edition in most cases. Also, I can’t use it at my library.

So, while I really like the device, I’m frustrated by my lack of options for sharing and purchasing books.
I knew all of this before I made my purchase, and I’m still using the heck out of it. But, as I mentioned, it’s primarily for web articles, oddly enough.
Rumor has it Amazon will allow sharing, but only for 14 days (not bad, but not long enough) soon. I wish Amazon was more open about their plans for Kindle and the community aspect (and potential) of the device.
Stephen also has some good questions from the view of a librarian.

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