Yahoo Are Incompetent Assholes

Pretty much.

Jason Scott:

Yahoo! actually went on the offensive and claimed they weren\’t going to kill Delicious but sell it, which makes me laugh, because no such thing could be true – the most glaring reason being that Yahoo\’s authentication system infests every one of their properties, and a lot of people on Delicious are using Yahoo IDs. Another is that Yahoo are incompetent assholes.

(via Marco)

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Are Incompetent Assholes

  1. been trying to get some asshole at Yhoo to converse with me to no avail,,,what up? i feel ur frustration,,,,YAHOO SUCKS THE BIG ONE AND THE NASTY ONES!!!!

  2. I too have been having a lot of difficulties with Yahoo…!!!
    For example for some time now whenever I try to log onto my mailbox they keep forcing me to do that STUPID Captcha Bullshit just to log on. Once I am online they won’t let me go online for Chat/IM’ing…!!!!

    I can’t even write to Yahoo to complain, or get an answer to these rediculous problems!!!

    I’m seriously considering switching to another site ( Google, etc.)…Any good suggestions??


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