WTF Will You Do With a Rear Facing iPad Camera?


Perhaps I am the only one, but what the hell good is a rear facing camera on a device that weighs 1.5lbs and is the size of a sheet of paper?

Ben Brooks

He’s not the only one. I’ll be shocked if I ever use a rear-facing camera on an iPad, if it’s ever a feature.

2 thoughts on “WTF Will You Do With a Rear Facing iPad Camera?

  1. Oh you noticed? A year ago when everyone was peeing themselves over the iPad, and complaining that it had no camera at the same time, I laughed and said I was looking forward to seeing some dweeb wandering around with his giant iPhone and using it like a camera.

    I see the Galaxy Tab has front and rear cameras … at least that’s a little more wieldy, but you are still going to look like a wally if you wander round the Blue Ridge Mountains taking snaps of bears ‘n’ trees with it.

    IMHO 🙂

    I saw a guy in a burger bar yesterday, with this picture frame propped open next to him. I thought he was admiring a new photograph or something … but no, he had his iPad propped next to him and was reading a book. Doesn’t make sense to me. Looks silly 😉

    1. I’d like to see some footage of someone walking in the mountains with an iPad or Galaxy Tab shooting pictures or video of bears. That would be pretty funny. Here’s the deal. If you use it, and find it functional, then more power to you. I’m sure, if there IS a rear facing camera, that some folks will use it, for something. And I’m even more sure someone will come up with a really cool way to use it, or invent an awesome accessory and get funded on Kickstarter (see The Glif).

      That being said, there is not much practicality in one for me. I’ll be getting the iPad 2, but it won’t be for the rear facing camera.

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