Asshat Reporting: iPad 2 Catches Motorola Xoom


Because who wants to drop $800 on a “work in progress?

Ben Brooks

My thoughts, exactly. All these new tablets coming out seem to be rushed to market and considerably buggy. And, as Gruber asks, the most important question is, “why would anyone buy this instead of an iPad?”

** I wrote the above before the iPad 2 announcement last week, but didn’t get a chance to post it.

This morning, I noticed this article on Google News.

With the official release of the iPad 2 last week, Apple has managed to refresh its flagship product to provide a sensible match for rival tablets, including its most formidable one, the Motorola Xoom.

WTF?! Seriously?

From the same article:

The iPad 2 is also slimmer than the Xoom by around a third which makes a difference when you try to lift the tablet with one hand.

The iPad 2 is the one catching up?

And, then, this gem:

When it comes to pricing the Motorola Xoom is likely to win hands down because, like the Galaxy Tab, it is not the market leader; Apple will still sell loads of tablets at the current market price (£429 for the cheapest model and close to £700 for the most expensive one).

Wait. The Xoom wins hands down on price? How? When? Please tell me this is a typo.

Poor, poor reporting.

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