“I teach the way I wish I had been taught”


Khan has no training or experience in teaching, and his videos are relatively crude by the standards of online course material produced by traditional educational publishers. They consist almost exclusively of Khan explaining things in conversational English while doing the equivalent of writing on a blackboard, which he does without benefit of a script or even a second take.

“I teach the way I wish I had been taught,” said Khan…

Steven Pearlstein: Mark them tardy to the revolution – The Washington Post

1 thought on ““I teach the way I wish I had been taught”

  1. Well, that’s YOUR opinion… well it sounded more like a brash and a tinge of jealousy… but… if it was so poorly taught why on earth is it so popular, if you don’t like it fine. But there are millions of people who love it and have benefited from it so much.

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