The Last Few Weeks in Browsing


Heather Penney – 9/11 Hero – Amazing story (via Daring Fireball)

The 10-Minute Instructional Design Degree

“Also – instructional design and visual design are different things. Visual design is just as important (and it isn\’t about making things “pretty”), and it needs to be done before the development phase begins.” – Jane Bozarth

Overcoming Objections to eLearning

“Adopting eLearning is a cultural change as well as a technological one, and all of the changes required to make it accepted and expected can take time.” – Judy Unrein

When I Think of the Future of Online Learning – great insight from Ellen Wagner

Project Tin Can Moving Right Along – great news

30 Places to Find Creative Commons Content – goes well with this video on Copyright

eLearning Storyboards – some wonderful resources

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