How can you be “disappointed” by the iPhone 4S?


How can you be “disappointed” by the iPhone 4S announcement from Apple? Because it isn’t almost twice as fast? Oh, wait. It is. Because they didn’t update the camera like we’ve been asking them to do? Oh, wait, they did. Because they’re not offering a 64GB version? Oh, wait, they are.

So, it must be because they didn’t update the form factor to a really crappy teardrop concept that would be a pain in the ass to game on. Or, maybe it’s because they didn’t call it an iPhone 5? What a crime! It’s horrendous! Except it’s RIGHT IN LINE with what they’ve done for years. iPhone 3G → iPhone 3GS → iPhone 4 → iPhone 4S.

So, I ask, how can you be disappointed?

More on this from smarter people than me:

If you judge Apple\’s products by the reaction of analysts and the press, you\’re an idiot. Pure and simple. Apple doesn\’t make products for analysts and the press. They make products for everyone.

– MG Siegler: “Apple’s ‘Fall From Grace'”

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That’s what people want to see when they go to Apple events: Steve Jobs holding up a rainbow-hued unicorn that you can purchase for your very own…

… this interconnected web of products is the thing that makes the continued development of the new and magical products possible.

– Kottke: “Unicorns and wheels: Apple’s two types of products”

Would as many people be disappointed if Apple had released the same device but called it the iPhone 5?

– Marco: “By any other name”

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3 thoughts on “How can you be “disappointed” by the iPhone 4S?

  1. I judge it on my own measurement

    – I was all set to buy an iPhone 2 years ago because, following the trend set by Apple, a 64-Gb version was due.
    – I was all set to buy an iPhone 2 years ago because the trend suggested the camera would finally grow up.
    – I was all set to buy an iPhone 2 years ago because iPhone 3GS was going to be so many things.

    But no. Apple lost me then, and I’m still disinterested now. Android is better for me with less lock-in, no nannying and better hardware.

    Hmm … new feature with 4S … Speech recognition. Welcome to the party. Late again Apple.

    Life sux being a cynic  😉

    1. To each his own and all that, Steve. While you may not consider it a significant upgrade compared to some Android devices, I still think it’s a significant upgrade over the iPhone 4, so that’s the main point of my post – not targeting Android owners, but iPhone owners who are “disappointed” in the 4S.

      Hey – are you going to DevLearn?

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