The Delinquent ToolBar Episode Post


So, apparently it’s a good idea to post about podcast episodes when you publish them. I’ve missed a few, so this is my delinquent podcast link post.

I really should just hire David to write for me, since he does such a great job curating stuff I’m interested in, anyway.

But, back to the topic of this post. The ToolBar. Still alive and kicking. A year old! 16 episodes. It’s been fun, and there’s a lot more still to come.

Here’s what you probably didn’t miss:

Episode 14—Phoning It In

This one’s worth a listen this week, since Project Tin Can was officially launched last week at mLearnCon. Aaron Silvers, a.k.a. The Beard, is eloquent.

Episode 15—Insert Beer Name Here

In which the aforementioned David Kelly makes an appearance to talk about curation and the number one beer to avoid in an emergency.

Episode 16—Tying Down the Flappy Elements

Mr. Flowers honors us with an appearance, and has several people listening more than once to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Brilliant.

So, there you have it. I’m caught up.

Oh, and just wait until the anniversary episode. The ToolBar, and Emergent Radio, have an ambitious plan for year two.