Scale images up with fractals and Perfect Resize
This has been around for a while. But it’s still awesome, and useful when you get those crappy 400-600 pixel images from clients or family members.

How to automatically incorporate edits into your course (via Tracy)
Export and import “translation” Word files. SMEs and content reviewers can update text (on-screen and in Notes section) and you can import the changes right into Storyline. This is wonderful for large course reviews and even better because the reviewer only gets to review the content, not images or styles. In other words, they can’t complain about the gray box you’re using as a placeholder and ask you why it’s not yellow or green.

“The preview button is a lie.” This. Exactly. I’ve loved pretty much everything Karen has written for ALA, and I get to see her next month, keynoting Penn State’s Web Conference. Yay!

There Are Only Four Jobs in the Whole World (via Dave) Interesting read. I agree, mostly. But I think you can be decent at more than one of these four, and even be happy in more than one of these four. For instance, I consider myself primarily a Thinker, but I work a lot as an Improver, and I enjoy both roles.

Textastrophe (via Robin)
“That dude is not even in the Black Eyed Peas, asshole.”