On Passion, Desire, and Other Shit We Care About


Maybe eventually we get to a place where we see that books and music and art are created by us, people who have school and day jobs and other shit we care about. And we’re not rich celebrities, and we are all always being pulled in different directions, but we’re present and engaged with the people in our lives? And we value what we contribute as much as what we create? And we create things because want to, and not because we have expectations for what it will get us, or how it will cause society to value us? And we don’t berate and hate ourselves for the very human failure of having a lot of complicated shit to juggle in our lives? That might be kind of cool?

Kevin Fanning

This brings to mind another article, "Why Passion Shouldn’t Drive You". I like how Thomas Keller differentiates passion and desire. Passion only gets you so far, or only lasts so long. Desire is what keeps you in the garage or office until it’s finished, or shipped. Desire is what brings you back after failing. Desire is what pushes you past exhaustion, what makes "normal" people think you’re crazy. It’s what most people don’t understand because they haven’t experienced it.

I’m lucky enough to be doing something I strong desire for on a daily basis, but it’s not all the time. And that’s okay. I have other shit I care about. If I get to do what I really love or what I enjoy at least some of the time, that’s a win. Because the other things I truly care about that fill the gaps.

What do you desire? Figure that out, and start doing it, at least some of the time. That is important. But, understand that it will be a challenge to find the time, and that’s okay, because you have other shit you care about.

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