Plaxo Update (from Plaxo VP via Dave’s blog)


This is an interesting lame comment from Plaxo’s VP of Marketing, John McCrea on Dave's website:

I can confirm that you did, indeed, discover a bug in our software. It was a kind of unusual corner case, so we really appreciate your help in discovering it.

Gee, that makes me feel better.

I also want to share the news that we were able to fix the software today, and the patch is now live in production. Fortunately, only a very small number of people might have experienced the problem, and in most of those cases the recipient would already have the visitor's email address (by virtue of being connected in Pulse).

Nice try at downplaying the severity of the situation.

If you ever observe any other issues, please don't hesitate to let us know, and feel free to contact me directly at any time. (I'm

Nah, I think I’m just done with you guys for good.

John McCrea
VP of Marketing

No, thank you!

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