Why I Love Amazon


So I bought a new 24″ iMac through Amazon a few weeks ago after selling my beloved Macbook.

I have a Prime account, so I got it overnighted for $3.99. They also had a $100 rebate, and, of course, there’s the “sort of no tax” perk.

Set it all up, noticed a couple stuck pixels. No biggie, right? I ran all the recommended fixes I could find, and none of them worked. Dealt with it for a few days, then decided I could not settle for a messed up screen for as much money as I spent.

So I called Apple, they said I could take it into an Apple store (closest one is 45 minutes away, not to mention gas) and that I would probably have to leave it overnight, if not longer (meaning two trips to the store).

I called Amazon, told them it was defective because of the screen issues, but I could not ship it back before receiving a replacement because I have to work on it.

Less than 24 hours later, my new iMac is being prepped for shipping. Once I receive it, all I have to do is call them, and they will send UPS to my house to pick up the old one, pack it and ship it back, with no work to do on my part. Now THAT is customer service, and THAT is why I brag about Amazon ALL the time.


So not only do I not have to drive all the way to the Apple store and argue with them that 3 stuck pixels is enough to warrant an exchange, I also get to keep my current machine until the new one arrives, and they will also come pick up and package the old one for return, meaning no delays, no hiccups in my workflow.

How cool is that?

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Amazon

  1. That’s a great Customer Service story. Driving aside, under warranty, Apple has been fantastic for customer service.

    If you order stock (from them), they’ll swap it right out at the store — no questions asked.

    But, having bought from Amazon, you totally did it right.

  2. Aaron –

    Overall, I’ve been happy with Apple’s service. However, I’ve had to battle with them about product defects before. I had to negotiate with them about three stuck pixels on my iMac – they were hesitant to replace it.

    On top of that, Amazon is shipping directly to me, and picking my old one up, something Apple won’t do.

    Now, if you live close to an Apple store, sure, Apple service can be much better, but this is just another reason I give Amazon my business instead of Apple directly.

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