Adobe Learning Summit Notes: Acrobat 9 Pro


Pro Extended Includes:

  • Presenter
  • Multimedia to Flash Converter
  • PDF Portfolio
  • Bring multiple file formats together with flash UI


  • Users without v9 will see static image with a note saying if they get v9, they will get more.
  • Live data models and charts. Can live update stats.
  • Sorting/searching of files in “portfolio”
  • Embedded powerpoint or Presenter-Converted ppt – able to embed multiple file formats
  • Advanced options for embedding content (tagging, notes, etc)
  • Can comment on embedded technologies. Even video. Can comment, draw, annotate a video, a ppt, a presenter movie.

How to make a portfolio:

  • easy to add content and titles and descriptions
  • simple portfolio designer inside of Acrobat
  • Can upload to Adobe for online distribution (I wonder if we can upload it or configure to upload to intranet, or have to use

Send and collaborate live:

  • Uses acrobat online service (again, can we use this internally, or do we have to use
  • Just like Google docs live updating and collaborating
  • Uses Adobe ID (what about my internal coworkers?)
  • Not great for corporate environment?

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