Adobe Learning Summit: Opening Session


Adobe Notes:

  • Cap. 4 has variables. Ability to personalize training. Capture data at front-end (names, etc.) and use them throughout.
  • Connect keeps track of every interaction, allowing recording for EEs to take at a later time asynchronously.
  • Same experience in sync/async (for the most part)
  • Flash Player inside of Acrobat Pro and Reader.
  • Embed Captivate movie inside of Acrobat job aid.
  • Interactive menu (like portfolio) for resources. Acrobat could be shell for all resources for training or reference.


  • With Captivate 4: Feedback/comments on elearning (reviewer can be on a Mac/Linux)
  • Use AIR to “Send for Review”
  • Send via email (two files – AIR app, review file)
  • Requires IT Support to get AIR installed (will this work in a corporate environment?)
  • Reviewer: watch the movie, add comments as it plays. Comments can be reviewed at end, then saved/submitted to the original file’s save location (shared network drive?).
  • All comments from multiple reviewers will sync up.
  • Reviews are automatically synced, reviewer does not have to email them back.
  • Automatically records author of comments
  • On refresh, reviewer can go see new comments (but no automatic notification built-in?)

Adobe Launching eLearning Suite Soon

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