#DevLearn Session Notes: Learning Personalization and Discovery


Matthew Valencius from IBM

Improving Search

  • Search = learning. If no decent results, it’s weird. You don’t expect.
  • Making learning search part of ALL searches.
  • You have to clean up the old stuff. If it’s irrelevant, get rid of it so it doesn’t show up in search.

Personalization and Guidance

  • Learning recommendations from training department, directed at roles, profiles, etc.
  • Experts availability – if searching for Excel, a list of experts available to chat with or contact.
  • SmartTips – widget tied to words and acronyms on mouseover or click get a definition. Tips added by learning department.
  • Edvisor: learning plans and mentors, personalization (built on basic web technologies)
  • Search for other learners.
  • Guidance for roles (managers, employees, facilitators, mentors, etc.)
  • If a mentor is assigned, both mentor and employee will see it.
  • Facilitators see the people in their classes. Can see profiles, etc.
  • Learning Toolbar: to go along with the Edvisor tool. Simple, includes links to your personalized page, quick search tool (options for directory, websites, learning). Again, simple web technology. Learners take a little bit if IBM with them wherever they are, but also adds value.
  • Looking into prescriptive options (like Amazon recommendations – very cool)
  • Give users an option to provide feedback quickly and easily – when they do a search, ask them if they found what they were looking for, with an optional form for more details…great idea.
  • Reporting, analytics will track usage and search topics to see what the people want.
  • Other departments coming to the learning group to use the data they’ve gathered.

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