#DevLearn Session Notes: LETSI and Future of SCORM


Avron Barr, LETSI

SCORM was initially developed by ADL (Secretary of Defense) – eLearning strategy for government.

LETSI is the new organization that is taking over SCORM.

Great picture reference of different adapters we need to carry when we travel. Each represents a standard defined internationally, but none are interoperable. SCORM is like this. Currently, six standards of SCORM.

SCORM is a standard, but really, it’s a support infrastructure.

Goal of SCORM is to make systems interoperable, portability of content.

  • Content works on any LMS. (that’s the idea, anyways, ha)
  • Can distribute same content across multiple LMS/LCMS
  • Metadata framework

SCORM 2004 (current version)

  • Modular, plug and play SCOs through simple sequencing (6th SCORM standard)
  • Make components of one course reusable in other courses.
  • Components managed individually.
  • Portable instructional designs

New version of 2004 coming soon.

SCORM 2.0 coming in 2010, hopefully.

…had to leave early to catch a flight, bummer!

Learn more at www.letsi.org

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