#DevLearn Session Notes: Using PowerPoint to Animate


Using PowerPoint for Animation (Paul Clothier)

#DevSit down away from computer, with paper or whiteboard, and visualize and draw out what you want to do. A la Dan Roam…need to do this in my group. When we get a project, visualize and brainstorm some ideas.

  • Graceful in form or movement
  • Simple, effective
  • Compliment Your Content – Make sure it matches what you’re trying to teach.
  • PPT ’03: Use multiple slides instead of multiple animations on one slide.
  • PPT ’07: Use the selection pane.
  • If someone can look at your elearning and says, “oh, that’s powerpoint,” you’ve failed.
  • PPT ’07 has smart art – we need to upgrade at my office.
  • Check Clothier’s site for more info.
  • Nice samples of using PPT instead of flash for really nice, dynamic intros, transitions, animations.
  • PowerPoint Heaven

Wrap up. Creating elearning animations in power point, make sure they’re concise, simple, effective. They need a purpose. Don’t animate just to animate. Get imaginative – get away from the computer before you start developing. Brainstorm away from computer. PUSH THE ENVELOPE – USE YOUR IMAGINATION.

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