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Hacked Again – good insight into WordPress backups and security

Dan Cederholm (SimpleBits) Goes WP – Wow. Another big player on WordPress. Love it!

20 Social Media Comics (via Jeff)

Social Media is the Means to Achieve Workplace Collaboration – (via Ethan)

Gruber on Microsoft, McFarlane and Plagiarism – Be sure to click through to the video comparison of The Simpsons/Family Guy. I had no idea it was that blatant.

THE Vin Diagram – Bravo.

7 Creative Ways to Introduce Social Media to Your Team – Good tips, and very good links to other resources and books to use in your battle to get Social Media accepted in our workplace, something I’m involved in right now (via Jeff)

The Bacon Bread Patty Melt – Incredible (via Aaron)

WordPress Users – Use a Favicon – Good advice (via Alex)

The Real Cost of Windows 7 – (via Eric)

ColorJive – awesome.

Levelator – If you podcast, or develop elearning, a MUST!

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