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Time-Lapse of Yankees World Series Win – I hate the Yankees. They even get the coolest photography hacks. I especially like the groundskeeping sequence at about 1:15 – watch the change at home plate. (via DF)

250,000 on Facebook Find Owner of Lost Camera – one of the great things about social media is shown here, when it’s used to help people. (via Palko)

Ten Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About – (via Philip)

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk – Read the reviews…great fun (via Aaron)

10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.9 – Good stuff. Improving as a CMS.

The Simplest & Most Efficient iPhone Stand – brilliant (via MinimalMac)

Microsoft Store Breaks Out in Song – First, that is pathetic retail store behavior. Two, what a horrendous song. (via DF)

Camino 2 – Try it.

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