The Last Several Weeks in Browsing


Gen X is Middle-Aged – Proud member! (via Aaron)

Flickr vs. SmugMug – nice review from 2008 – need to post my photography setup and storage and reasoning. Also need to take more photos!

The Square – Revolutionizing mobile transactions? Could be interesting.

Three things about Marco Arment – Great stuff about the creator of Instapaper, a huge part of how I read the internet.

Please design a logo for me. With pie charts. For free. – no words can describe how awesome this is (via Gruber)

Disable Invisible Flash in ClickToFlash – Good advice – why? Here’s why. (via Gruber)

Hubble Telescope Snaps Deepest-Ever Image of the Universe – Amazing how small we are.

The Unbelievable World of Snowflakes – Amazing macro photography and back story. Show your kids.

Dreaming of an Apple Tablet – Excellent stuff – awesome graphics. I’d buy 2 also. (via DF)

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