This Week in Browsing (Extended Edition)


I’ve been busy. Haven’t had an interesting links post in a while. Here ya go.

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole – Brilliant and funny. (via Gruber)

‘First to Do It\’ vs. ‘First to Do It Right\’ – solid explanation of the difference between adding features for the sake of having features, and adding features that let you do something your customer/user wants and/or needs to do. Same could be said for a lot of websites.

World Cup Preview – Short Edition – Short, funny and fairly accurate summaries of each of the 32 teams.

“While compiling this preview, I forgot about Greece and had to look them up when I realized I was one country short.”

The Lame iPad Camera Connection Kit – I’m still shocked there’s not an iPhoto Lite for the iPad.

More Adobe accessibility screw-ups – why? Seems I ask that a lot about Adobe these days.

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