Fluid + WordPress + WooThemes Crisp = Awesomesauce


I’ve been contemplating a switch to Tumblr or Posterous for my blog. However, I didn’t want to lose the control I have with WordPress, which has been good to me. I also want to use it on my blog so I can continue to support it at a high level for my clients.

So, I’ve been waiting for something like Crisp to happen. Brilliant tumblog theme from WooThemes. Simple functionality added to easily add link posts, image posts, and other types of posts from a single area on the dashboard.

I use MarsEdit primarily, so going back to the WordPress admin interface to post content was not my preference. However, I was able to make it work by simplifying the screen options (collapsed menu, single column) and using Fluid. I still use MarsEdit for my regular longer posts, but for everything else I am now using the Crisp tumblog area with it’s simple publishing options.

I’m happy.

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