How NOT to Get Me to Read Your Blog

This is pathetic annoying irritating crap.
The title of the post is “How to Transform Your Readers’ Experience”. Yet when I visit the site, I get a popup ad to sign up for his newsletter. Well, my experience was transformed, alright, into “I will not read this article now and will blacklist your annoying pop-up ad site.”

2 thoughts on “How NOT to Get Me to Read Your Blog

  1. First, I’d like to thank you for the link to Site Sketch 101.

    Second, I’ve been experimenting with the popup to see if it is more effective than it is annoying. It’s not so much so in response to your kind feedback, I’ve removed it. Stop by sometime and let me know if your experience there is now more enjoyable. I hope that it is.

    Third, next time let me know what you don’t like personally. I’d like to think that I respond well to constructive criticisms.

    Thanks again for the feedback and have an awesome day!

    1. Good to know you respond to your [potential] readers. I figured you were just driving newsletter subscriptions. I’ll definitely give you a second look in the future.

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