Star Wars on BluRay. Why?


One more time, just for old times sake, let’s all buy the same six films for the very last time. Well, until the ultra mega special holographic boxed set comes out in 2013.


I’m not sure why anyone would buy the Blu-Ray set of Star Wars.

  1. The originals are best watched as just that, the originals, in that format. The enhanced versions are just weird.
  2. Disks are on the way out. Why buy more, and at that price? If I want to watch Star Wars, I’ll stream it. I’m done with disks.


1 thought on “Star Wars on BluRay. Why?

  1. Always baited by Star Wars. I almost answered a question on Quora about if Boba Fett actually died in the Sarlacc Pit. I digress.

    This is essentially the same thing as Beatles on iTunes. Why buy music that you already have? Because it’s there.

    Will they do another clean up for HD? Perhaps. I have to say… I don’t really care. I won’t buy them. I already have the DVD Special Edition set. That’s pretty much all I need. I threw out Episodes I & II and I never watch Episode III.

    This from the guy with the tattoo of the Rebel Alliance on his shoulder.

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