Re: Is Quora Another Distraction?


Prompted by Aaron, here’s my response on Quora:

I find it interesting that there are only three responses to this question. For me, I haven’t seen the value yet. So, while it’s not a distraction, it’s also not a tool/resource for me (yet).

I’ve asked a question or two on here that have had zero responses. I’ve responded to a few questions as well. Those only have a few responses, and I haven’t seen the voting play a role yet.

I’m sure it’s a lot like Twitter. Some people will use it and exploit it. Some people will find their value in it and maximize there time here. Some people will never adopt it or take a while to, then come unwillingly if it’s a hit.

The problem for me is, this is just another site I have to go to, manage my account. If I have a question, why not just post it to Twitter, where my PLN is strong and is, usually, ready to answer my questions?

Very good question. I’m curious to see how this one gets answered.

And, all that being said, I really do love a good tool, and Quora seems to be well built and is fairly well designed.

On the lighter side, check out : “A continually spamming collection of unanswered questions created, edited and organised by no-one who uses it.”


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