Focus is Important. So is Living.


I learned how easy it was to hone-in my energy and just focus on one thing. Do that one thing with all my attention, and then it’ll be done! Simple. It’s all a matter of intention, decision, and discipline to follow through.

Focus – How to Get It Done

Tina’s article is full of wonderful tips on focus, productivity, de-cluttering, etc.

Recently, I’ve been trying to focus on accomplishing smaller tasks to achieve larger goals. I have a feeling a lot of you are in the same boat; with multiple projects, families and some kind of social life (online or face to face), we’re all “busy.” We can all use Tina’s advice on focusing and completing tasks, instead of just thinking about them.

That being said, as I finished the article and considered posting about it, I kept going back and reading the last part, quoted below.

“Enjoy this moment. This moment is all that we have. It is only in this moment that Life happens. Treasure it, bless it, thank it, and live it. Live it fully, regardless of what you’re doing.”

That moment for me earlier today was my daughter’s excitement over her music notebook and a new song she wrote. That moment for me right now is the pleasure I get from writing, regardless of who is reading on the other end.

I guess my point here is, like Tina says, “regardless of what you’re doing”, try to make the most of it, and enjoy the small things while they’re happening.

A friend posted this today:

“I challenge all of you to stop for at least 1:56 sometime today and just get lost in something of enjoyment. Even if it’s lying on your back in the grass watching the clouds.”

Be good, people.

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